Vilarnau Brut Reserva Cava

Produced from a blend of Macabeo, Parellada and Chardonnay which are fermented separately before blending, bottling and ageing for 2 years.

Made by the same method as champagne with secondary fermentation in the bottle - as with all Cava.

A bright straw colour with a steadily rising stream of fine bubbles. It has pronounced appley fruit with a great balance between ripe fruit and delicate acidity.

Perfect as an aperitif or accompanying dried fruits and hams.


Vilarnau (literally translated as The House of Arnau) made its first aged cavas in the town of Sant Sadurni d'Anoia in 1949. Sixty years later the wines are now made in a state of the art winery, whose sleek minimalist design couldn't be further from the fortified Romanesque house from which the company takes its name. The estate lies at approximately 250 metres above sea level and enjoys a Mediterranean climate, shielded by the breathtaking Montserrat Mountains to the north and the Litoral range to the south. Specialising in long-aged cavas, Vilarnau has over two and a half million bottles in stock, stored in temperature controlled cellars to ensure consistency of style and quality year after year.

Vinification Details

The grapes are chilled so as to preserve the precursors of the aromas contained in the skins and avoid any oxidation. The first fermentation takes place over 30 days at 15 degrees C, following which the coupage, or blend of the different base wines is created. The wine then undergoes its second its second fermentation, in bottle, during which the yeast transforms the wine into cava and produces the characteristic bubbles at the same time

Agent Gonzalez Byass.

Available from Ocado £11.99 (Price at Sept 2018)